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all of the crying inebriated humans in Times Square, and then there’s ME!

If you’re ever going to spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square, it is advisable that you: 1) Have a special invitation to a party on hand, so you can saunter right past the police officers down a closed-off street feeling more like a badass than you’ve ever felt before in your life. 2) Attend […]

can’t shake 2016

It’s December 2016 and I’m fairly certain that my brain is more cluttered than it’s ever been before. There’s the shock and dismay and anger about the current state of the world, and the fear and apprehension about whatever awaits us in 2017. There’s the lack of concrete answers for those feelings. There are my […]

my own circus act

I had the true pleasure recently of attending a performance of Les 7 Doights de la Main’s miraculous circus production Sequence 8. This was a production I had seen before—three years ago—and I had also seen their PSY, as well as their work in the revival of Pippin. I consider myself a huge fan of […]

some thoughts about 2014 and also 2015

Another ending that is simultaneously another beginning! I love that most of us get irrationally excited about every new year—tomorrow won’t necessarily be any different than today, externally speaking, but we’re able to feel fresh and clean and inspired by all of the possibility. I love starting fresh; perhaps it’s because when I was a […]

Letting Myself Fallow

Post graduation and pre trying to find an apartment in New York City, I had the opportunity to spend five weeks as a member of the Core Company at The Orchard Project. My days were filled with classes and workshops, surrounded by theatre artists who are inching towards beginning their professional careers (like me) as […]

A Manifesto

This past summer, while at the O’Neill, I was given the task of writing my own artistic manifesto. This task came the morning after learning about the death of one of my first directors and one of my first mentors. Working through my grief, thinking about what I learned from him, helped me not only […]

Making Something New, Remembering to Breathe

Over the past few months, I’ve made several hats where there never were hats (indulge me while I borrow a metaphor from Mr. Sondheim). Hat-making, I’ve learned, is a scary endeavor. If it weren’t for a mix of luck and some wonderful individuals, none of those hats would have been made. Fortunately, I happened to […]

Theatre Roundup 2k12

Most everyone is, by this point, exhausted by the usual slew of year-end retrospective top-10 lists, myself included. Particularly when it comes to theatre, I tend to either disagree with the pieces selected or I didn’t get to see them, meaning that the lists are actually a summary of what I should have seen but […]

Finding a Star: How OUR TOWN is Helping Me Grieve

When I first heard the news about the horrific event at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, I was deeply saddened. I thought of the many tragedies that have occurred during my lifetime, and grew melancholy at the thought of adding another one to the list on a seemingly ordinary day. As more and more […]

Salutations, and an Update

Hello, hello! As I’ve recently been continuing my education, travelling as often as I can, reading good books and seeing good theatre, all in the process of trying to cultivate a greater social  understanding while simultaneously trying to develop an individual voice, the time seemed righter than ever to carve out my own personal corner […]