Salutations, and an Update

Hello, hello!

As I’ve recently been continuing my education, travelling as often as I can, reading good books and seeing good theatre, all in the process of trying to cultivate a greater social  understanding while simultaneously trying to develop an individual voice, the time seemed righter than ever to carve out my own personal corner of the world wide web. Part journal, part commonplace book, part communication platform, and part photo album, but all me, designed in a way that best demonstrates who I am at present and how I’m growing towards the future.

Welcome, you have arrived.

More about who I am and what I do/have done can be found in various places on this site, and I encourage you to explore and provide feedback! I’m all about engaging in conversation, because let’s be real, no one wants to hear me talk all the time. However, when I do feel like I have something to say, you can find it here.

First posts are always awkward (as firsts tend to be, unless you’re the first to accomplish something incredible, then it’s impressive; however, I hardly consider a first blog post to be incredible by any means), so I figure I’ll cut to the chase and provide an update on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

Since May, I’ve been living in Manhattan spending my days working in the production office at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and my evenings letting the city inspire me. Broadway Cares is an absolute dream come true–the people there are wonderfully kind and generous, and the non-profit world is always one of my favorite environments to be in. I’ve learned a great deal about not only the current world HIV/AIDS climate, but also key methods of community engagement and medical care provision. My experience has been extraordinary (and fun as hell), and I’m confident that the lessons and skills I’ve learned will be more than helpful in the future.

I’ve seen more theatre than is healthy for anyone, but as far as addictions go, I suppose there could be worse. I’ll be talking all about that here over the next few months, so you’ll be able to hear all of my thoughts as far as that subject is concerned. I took a brief jaunt to Boston to attend the TCG Conference, which was enlightening in many different ways, all of which I’ll be talking about here as well. I’m writing music for two different productions, each set in two different time periods in two different countries, each requiring their own types of sound. Double the amount of research for me, but it’s exciting, and I’m enjoying getting to hop between the two. I’m also one-fifth of the way through Moby Dick, my summer reading challenge of choice, and dense as it is, I’m really enjoying it (much more than I anticipated, so that’s good).

I have three more weeks left in New York City before my time is done, and I’m determined to make the most of it. Then it’s home to North Carolina for a week, and back to Boston to prepare for the next school year! Only a month left of the summer…what a depressing thought. All the more reason to “carpe the diem,” I suppose.

Regardless of whether you’re visiting this as a friend (hey guys!), a potential future collaborator (contact me!), or if you stumbled here by accident (emergency exits are located at the rear of the theater), I hope you are beating the heat and enjoying your summer season. Be sure to say hello if our paths cross, and if you find my ramblings at all entertaining or enlightening, please feel free to check back in. I’m happy you’re here.