all of the crying inebriated humans in Times Square, and then there’s ME!

If you’re ever going to spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square, it is advisable that you:

1) Have a special invitation to a party on hand, so you can saunter right past the police officers down a closed-off street feeling more like a badass than you’ve ever felt before in your life.

2) Attend a party on the 16th floor with this view at midnight:



3) Lean out the widow (in your tiara, natch) to watch one ton of confetti rain down on one million humans



4) Cry a few times about how much you love dumb NYC and the amazing friends you have here esp. Sammie LOOK AT US BEING IN FRIEND LOVE


You will feel invincible, guaranteed.

For an extra special experience, spend the following day (New Year’s Day, if you’re keeping track) eating amazing homemade borscht with other best friends and then take a walk to watch the sunset over the Hudson and look at the GWB (my lady friends flashed the people of New Jersey and highly recommend it, so we will take their word/make that a priority for 1/1/18) and feel the feelings of peace and optimism that have been missing for a while.



It may not be New Year’s Eve at Studio 54, 1978 (photographed by Tod Papageorge, I’m obsessed) but it’s pretty damn wonderful.