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My resume can be accessed by clicking here.

This is an active memoir of every piece I’ve ever directed, including projects where I had no idea what I was doing, and projects where I maybe had an idea or two about what I was doing. All of these projects are important to me, even though they vary in quality and success. I keep them all here because I believe in marking growth.


Freelance in New York City

Superhero Clubhouse’s Science and Stage Fellowship — December 2016


As a Directing Intern at Actors Theatre of Louisville:

Kay Nihlest’s “Image of Beauty” — April 2016

Cory Hinkle’s “This Quintessence of Dust” — January 2016

Steve Mould’s The Wedding Guest – October 2015


As an Undergrad Theatre Major Who Was Figuring Out a Lot of Things:

And Then He Painted the Sky — November 2013

Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost — April 2013

Euripides’ The Bacchae – April 2012

The Baker’s Wife – February 2012

New Kid – May 2011


As a Senior in High School aka an Artistic Infant:

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown — December 2009