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March, 2017

Emerging from the cocoon of premiering¬†Ready. Set. Go.¬†with Playing for Others in Charlotte, NC, I’m holding close the magical and affirming experience of making a new musical with teenage performers. The community in Charlotte was so wonderfully receptive and eager for more, so now we’re trying to figure out how to keep the momentum from that production moving forward. The entire cast and team knocked it out of the park–making a musical from scratch is hard, hard work–and we made something really special and something that I really believe served the artists involved and the community it was presented for.

Back in NYC, I’m working with my colleagues over at The Orchard Project to prepare for another extraordinary summer of theatremaking.

And writing more plays, of course. Always!

And working to respond to the unconstitutional actions of our current federal administration as fervently and compassionately as possible. Always, always, always!

There’s always more work to be done, right? So I’m working to get good at working.