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Boom Country

An original play.

Alma June Calder has lived her entire life on the same plot of land in Minnow Creek, West Virginia. With recent advancements in mountaintop removal coal mining, her land is being repossessed by the government and her husband Vernon is pressuring her to move–after all, they have  the health and safety Vernon’s sister Mayella, who lives with Autism, to worry about. When Alma June announces that she doesn’t plan on leaving her land, no matter what happens, the family starts to face challenges greater than they ever possibly imagined.

Workshopped and Produced by Rareworks Theatre Company, April 2013

Recipient of the 2013 Betsy Carpenter Playwriting Award.

Nominated for six EVVY awards:

-Outstanding Theatrical Production

-Outstanding New Play

-Outstanding Director for the Stage- Jessica Martens *winner

-Outstanding Lead Male Actor for the Stage- Felix Teich

-Outstanding Lead Female Actor for the Stage- Sarah Innes

-Outstanding Supporting Female Actor for the Stage- Jamie Davenport *winner


Directed by Jessica Martens

Featuring performances by Jamie Davenport, Billy Finn, Sarah Innes, and Felix Teich.

Rehearsal photos:

Sarah Innes as Alma June and Jamie Davenport as Mayella

Jamie Davenport as Mayella and Felix Teich as Vernon

Sarah Innes as Alma June and Billy Finn as Adam

All rehearsal photos by Lizzie Milanovich.