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The Listener

An original play.

Jillian Burns has a secret. Several, in fact. As a Listener, she provides a safe space for clients to tell their most personal stories — secure in the knowledge that since Jillian is Deaf, their secrets will be neither heard nor shared. But, unbeknownst to her clients, The Listener is an excellent lipreader…and when she unearths a secret with personal ramifications, she faces a very real dilemma of whether to keep her counsel or avenge a past wrong. The Listener explores the boundaries between ability and disability, questions the ways language is both bridge and barrier, and meditates on the value of friendship and forgiveness. 

Recipient of the 2014 Rod Parker Playwrighting Fellowship. 

Workshopped and produced by Emerson Stage, March 2014.

Winner– 2014 EVVY Award, Outstanding Sound Design for the Stage

Nominated–2014 EVVY Award, Outstanding Writing for the Stage

Directed by Joe Antoun.

Featuring performances by Josephine Cooper, Ashley Goverman, Alex Lonati, Lizzie Milanovich, Cesar Muñoz Lily Richards, Sam Terry, Matt Tolf, and Sarah Youngblood.

All photos by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.