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The Bacchae

Originally Translated by William Arrowsmith

Produced by the Emerson College Shakespeare Society.

Performed in the Cabaret Theater, April 2012.

Assistant Direction by Ian Stewart; Choreography by Ashli Bickford; Scenic Design by Christopher Kavanah; Costume Design by Elvira Valencia; Lighting Design by Jamie Curran; Sound Design by Alyssa Macaluso; Properties Design by Emily Skeggs

Produced by Nicky Maggio; Stage Managed by Fatimah Mateen and Isabel Swartz

Featuring performances by Taylor Bennett, James Blaszko, Alexis Carpinello, Margaret Clark, Marla DeMatos, Josephine Elwood, Polly Hilton, Giovanni Naarendorp, Kristen Parker, Mary Rochford, Thomas Schuster, Sarah Sixt, and Sarah Youngblood

All photos curtesy of Jacqueline Ziegler. Click images to display in a larger size.

The performance space, pre-show.

The chorus.

Thomas Schuster as Dionysus

Alexis Carpinello as Pentheus and Thomas Schuster as Dionysus

Chorus members Taylor Bennet, Sarah Youngblood, Mary Rochford, and Polly Hilton

The death of Pentheus.

Sarah Sixt as Agave, Giovanni Naarendorp as Cadmus, and company.

Sarah Sixt as Agave, Giovanni Naarendorp as Cadmus, and company.

Margaret Clark as Tiresias, and company.

The company of The Bacchae.

The Company and Creative Team of The Bacchae.