Full Length

  • We

Anthony shows up on Dawn’s doorstep, returning by surprise after a seven month absence. Twenty-two years earlier, Dawn and Anthony spend their first night together. In two stories unfolding simultaneously, Dawn and Anthony decide whether or not to risk a relationship/whether or not to rekindle a relationship. Things get silly and sticky and profound and beautiful.

(This play is written for five female actors and passes the Bechdel test.)


Small Pieces

  • Trudy, Carolyn, Martha, and Regina Travel to Outer Space and Have a Pretty Terrible Time There

Five young women accept a mission to travel farther into outer space than any human has ever gone before, but it’s not the grand adventure they hoped it would be—in fact, it might be the worst decision they’ve ever made.

Trudy, Carolyn… will have its world premiere at Actors Theatre of Louisville in April, 2016 as a part of The Tens  in the Humana Festival of New American Plays.

(Written for four female actors and passes the Bechdel test.)


  • Shindig

Chuck’s father is marrying Roberta’s mother. It’s Chuck and Roberta’s first time meeting each other, which would be fine, except the wedding has already happened, so now they have to figure out this step-sibling thing on the fly. This play is pretty tender.

(Written for one female actor and one male actor.)


In Progress

Two full length pieces:

Untitled No. 1 is about the origins of environmentalism in the 20th century, the invention of the polio vaccine, and the bargains we make with the natural world in order to ensure long and healthy lives in humans.

Untitled No. 2 is about ambition, achievement, and how our contemporary obsession with greatness and our distain for mediocrity might be a really sad way to build our society.


Laid to Rest

These two plays were my first two plays; they were incredibly instructive, and I will always love them, and I will always be so glad that other people championed them and allowed me to learn through producing them. They’re better off left as the happy memories they are; while it’s unlikely they’ll ever see the light again, they were important chapters in my artistic education and I believe should be included here.

Produced as a part of the Emerson College Main Stage season, March 2014.

Winner of the Rod Parker Playwrighting Fellowship.


Produced by Rareworks Theatre Company, April 2013.

Winner of the Betsy Carpenter Playwrighting Award.

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