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Science and Stage Fellowship

As one of the inaugural recipients of Superhero Clubhouse’s Science and Stage Fellowship, I spent the autumn of 2016 collaborating with environmental scientists and other theatre artists to make an original devised piece of theatre in response to the current realities of climate change. We met periodically for exploratory lab sessions, generated ideas and content, attended relevant science and artistic events around the city (including attending a Bill McKibben lecture), and premiered our piece, The River, at Superhero Clubhouse’s Winter Solstice celebration.

I’m such an admirer of the work Superhero Clubhouse does (seriously, check them out if you’re unfamiliar) and it was a truly fascinating and rewarding experience digging into the world of environmental science to make a work of theatre. Especially because my writing is usually inspired by narrative ideas rather than thematic response, and because I am always interested in finding new ways to directly engage artists and audiences in conversations about topics that are immediately relevant, this opportunity provided creative experiences that I’m certain will impact my artistic practice moving forward.

Collaborators: Anthony Dvarskas, Nadia Foskulou, Jame McCray, Stephanie Pearl, Skye Van Rensselear, and Alexandra Tsubota.

The River unpacks the issue of water distribution within a community; as climate change impacts the availability of this much-needed resource, how do members of a community determine who will continue to have access to clean water, and who will have to go without? How can we meet the needs of new water-dependent industries, which provide employment and economic incentive, while also meeting the needs of longstanding agricultural communities? In the face of undeniable negative human impact on our climate, where is there tangible hope?

All photos by Stuart Pearl.SprHro_8353