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Ready. Set. Go.

In 2016, Playing for Others commissioned me to write a musical for the teenagers in their leadership program exploring stories related to the theme of acceptance of self and acceptance of others. After interviewing the teens who would eventually perform the piece, I wrote Ready. Set. Go., an ensemble piece for young performers. The musical had its premiere at Playing for Others in Charlotte, NC in March 2017.

Written and Composed by James Kennedy

Directed by Jen Band

Music Direction by Kelsey Fuller

Featuring Loren Bowser, Libby Bridges, Anna Brunson, Sophie Colbert, Logan Harris, Nemah Mahdi, Chloe Mann,  Lucy Murrey, Lucia Wallace, and Alex Wrinkle

Ready. Set. Go. is an original musical written by Playing for Others alum James Kennedy. Using a magical recipe of cautious optimism, earnest humor, and reflective wonder, we set the stage for discoveries of where we are…where we were…and where we want to go. If you’ve ever been stuck, sleepless, or in need of something to hold onto, if you’ve ever lied, if you like deep personal introspection, if you like chameleons…this musical is for you.

All photos by Mariam Maloney